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Church, Ministry & Nonprofit Organizations

We routinely advise and assist Churches, Ministries and other Nonprofit Organizations on matters, including, but not limited to, formation, application for federal tax-exempt status (Form 1023), reclassification of federal tax-exempt status, creation and implementation of necessary and prudent policies and procedures, various regulatory and compliance issues, board and member meetings and preparation of related minutes and consents, etc.

Mr. Etheriedge serves as General Counsel for a number of charitable organizations, including several Christian ministries he holds dear to his heart, advising their respective boards and officers on an ongoing, longterm basis.

Nonprofit Organizations

Forming a Nonprofit?

Applying for Tax-Exempt Status?

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Existing Nonprofit Operations & Governance

Nonprofits are subject to a myriad of compliance concerns. 

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Nonprofit Organizations

Information for Churches & NonProfits

So, You Want to Start a Nonprofit

+ Have you considered other charitable planning options (donating to an existing nonprofit, establishing a donor advised fund, creating a charitable trust or private foundation, etc.)?
+ Do you understand the differences in running a for-profit business and operating a nonprofit organization?
+ Have you developed a nonprofit “business plan”?


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NonProfit Governance & Operations

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Churches & Ministries

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