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Business Sale or Purchase

Business Sale or Purchase

Maintain a close working relationship with your key advisors to keep your business running like a well-oiled machine.

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Routine contact with and input from your key advisors will help you make timely and strategic adjustments to your business plan, increasing your chances of success.

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Business Sale or Purchase

Business Sale/Purchase Info

Advisory Team

Engage a Team of Professional Advisors & Maintain Open Communication Throughout the Purchase/Sale Process

A Thorough Purchase/Sale Agreement is Key

+ Clearly Defined Terms
+ Complete Schedules & Exhibits
+ Close Attention to Representations & Warranties

Due Diligence

+ Involve Appropriate Professionals
+ Do NOT Cut Corners
+ Walk Away if Due Diligence Results are Unsatisfactory

Post-Closing Matters

It is important to monitor & address common post-closing concerns, such as: Non-competition & Non-solicitation Covenants; Proper Filing & Recording of Transfer & Security Documents; Etc.